Bouchra El Haidadi



I am Bouchra,

The CEO of my life.

As a mom of three children, I have a full time job requiring incredible, long-term self sacrifice, commitment, patience, stamina, adaptability to change and a multitude of valuable skills: Chief Executive Officer, Educator, Counselor/Psychologist, Finance manager, Household Manager, Cook, First Aid, and Driver. I am sure many can relate to this. The job description is so complicated that all creativity was used to call it a  .... stay-at-home mom 🙂

I am from Morocco. I am a statistician engineer with a decade and half of professional experience with a Government administration. When I was a child, my dream was to study hard so as I can graduate from university and get the “ideal job”, a job that would give me the financial freedom to enjoy life, but most importantly the feeling of achievement and fulfillment.

I did graduate from college, and I did get a job straight away. I was very excited because I was getting an income that I could spend the way I wanted. The best part was that I could travel and enjoy my time with my best friends and also I could afford to buy gifts for important people in my life.

My husband and I went to the same college. When he asked me for marriage he said: would you like to ride the rollercoaster of life with me? I did not think twice, and I said Yes. The problem was that I had never tried a rollercoaster before 🙂

We got married then had kids. His job was on short term contracts basis. He changed jobs three times in six years. It was good in a sense that it allowed him to grow professionally quickly ... but this came with a price. The transition periods were very challenging especially in a situation of an established family with kids. During this adventure time we had to deal with the nerves wrecking pressure from the feeling of instability and insecurity. Trust me! Life is the best teacher, we learnt how to be patient and to trust, how to spend and enjoy when we can and how to manage with what we have when the situation is tight.

And here came my husband’s first international assignment. What was an achievement for him was a dilemma for me.

I was super happy for him but confused about myself, concerned about my kids, I was left with the choice to make the hardest decision in life: to stick to my status, my career and my financial freedom or to quit my job for the sake of the family.

Obviously family always comes first,....

From Morocco to the pacific islands to southeast Asia, living a mobile life for the past 15 years ...

I had the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and the chance to meet amazing people from all over the world.

My first four years in the pacific were the most challenging: The weather, the lifestyle, the safety concerns, the cultural shock, the anxiety, the change of status, nostalgia, the kids adjustment and some not nice events…., and also the financial dependence on a sole income earner for the family...

Let’s say that I got nausea by riding the rollercoaster first time 🙂

And it came with the biggest lesson in my life: ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR THOUGHTS. They have power.

Once adjusted I did some volunteer work in one NGO and had to move.

Our movements brought us to India. The experience in this sub-continent was an eye opener for me. I discovered the world of energy and I realised for the first time the power of the alternative therapies and the energy healing techniques. I learned and experienced the benefits of hypnotherapy, Reiki, acupressure, massage, Ayurveda, homeopathy, aromatherapy,….

Learning about the seven chakras and their correspondence to specific organs as well as physical, emotional, psychological, emotional, and spiritual states was so fascinating for me that I decided to go for a 500h yoga teacher training at an international Yoga training institution. Discovering Reiki and learning about its benefits was a mind blowing, I went for Reiki1 and 2 certification, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) training and essential oils trainings. Life coaching certification gave me the insights to understand my own perspectives and limiting believes and gave me the opportunity to impact my friends’ and families’ lives.

All this was part of my journey, my continuous search for healing myself and for different forms for income generating opportunities.

In the other hand, my first business experience started there too. My first business mentor was a friend entrepreneur who had a quality home furnishing showroom. I am grateful to her. I enjoyed the activity and I started a small business of fabric and scarves.

By the time I got used to my lifestyle in India, made amazing friends and felt settled, it was time to move again.

It takes almost one year to feel settled in a new country, even for an experienced mover. Selling health and wellness products was another great experience. The idea was to spread awareness about the importance of good quality health products in today’s world. I had several trainings and I was happy to touch the health of people in a positive way, but the fear of building a business and move again to leave it behind was stronger this time.

With my accumulated experience over the years doing different activities and business models, I realised that the right path for me would be a location-free activity that I could do from anywhere and on my own schedule and that would give me the financial freedom and the sense of achievement and fulfillment I have always been looking for.

It took me about a year of browsing around different sites, joining different mailing lists, watching hours of educational and promotional videos, and experiencing my share of scams before I made the move towards digital entrepreneurship. The program I was introduced to was the exact legit online training I was looking for.

After few months of training, I was able to launch my business through my website that I designed from scratch, I am proud of my growth and achievements and I have confidence in what the future holds.

With all the experience mentioned so far, and all kinds of trials and errors, It literally took me years before I got where I am now, and I wish I came across this path longtime back. I made many mistakes along the way. I wasted time searching for the right options. I am sure there are people out there who are looking to start a digital journey just like I did. To help them save time and energy, I created my website freedom-passion where I share valuable information about how to create an online business and make money living a laptop lifestyle. I truly believe in the power of the pivot and I would love to help others to do so.

If you are looking to make a shift, willing to put in the work and be part of an amazing like-minded community that supports you all the way, then start your journey today.

Now and more than anytime before, making money online is accessible and convenient to everyone.

Here are THE VIDEO SERIES that changed my life.



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